Back in 2014, I started selling clothes on Mercari, Poshmark, and Facebook MarketPlace for extra money. I knew one day I wanted to have my own clothing brand, but did not have the money,nor resources, and heck not even the knowledge of what goes into being an entrepreneur.

I had such a fun time selling my gently used items! I was approached by a woman to go into a thrifting business. Needless to say, nothing ever transpired, but I was too invested in the idea of having my own clothing store. I continued to sell clothing through those selling platforms.

Fast forward, 2019, I opened Free 2 B U Boutique as an online only clothing brand. The vision in mind was to carry affordable clothing because I still had that “thrift store” mentality. But this time, the clothes were not gently used. I made sure to sample many vendors to guarantee quality pieces. On launch date, my mindset was of affordability, plus all the amazing benefits we have to offer. Here we are, three years later, and I’m excited to share my rebrand with you. I want to bring you joy through quality pieces that can transition from season to season. We pride ourselves on integrity and support in helping women love who they are.

Ready to go from the office, to brunch, to dinner, and then end the night with dancing? You are in the right place. If you are a woman who lives for stretch, then you are in the right place. We live for neutral colors, so you’ll be seeing these a lot.

Free 2 B U is a family owned business. My children all play apart in making sure you have a wonderful shopping experience. Bishop is the man behind the camera and Cameron loves helping with videos. Zacarrah packages the orders with my help. Montez does not mind making a post office run. Michelle hates waiting weeks for an order, so fast shipping is a priority for us.

We have grown over the past three years. Our hope is to continue to bring you gorgeous pieces that you can have in your closet for years to come.

XOXO Michelle

Our Mission

Free 2 B U is built around women empowerment and helping women embrace their true authentic selves. We don’t live up to societal standards, we set trends and create waves with our own fashion.

Free 2 B U believes all women should operate with integrity and dignity. Keeping those values alive is our mission. We do not strive for perfection because that is not our reality.